Sith player character

Darth Glovoc was a male humanoid Sith Lord who served the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War. In the final years of the conflict, Glovoc led several highly successful campaigns against the Galactic Republic. Although considered a brilliant commander, he was also believed to be somewhat insane, spending the majority of his free time in deep meditation and taking on the self-proclaimed title of "Lord of the Mind's Eye."

Following the end of the Jedi Civil War and Darth Malak's death at the hands of the redeemed Revan, Glovoc abandoned the Sith to seek out the planet Nyriaan based on a vision he had experienced during his meditation. However, upon their arrival at the distant planet, Glovoc's forces were attacked by a Republic strike force. In the ensuing battle, Glovoc's flagship, the Dying Sun, was badly damaged and crash-landed on Nyriaan. Glovoc and several crewmembers survived but were stranded on the planet. The Sith Lord placed himself in stasis inside an oubliette, and awakened roughly every hundred years to take stock of his people. Over the years the remaining Sith survivors eked out an existence on Nyriaan, and came to worship Glovoc's imprisoned form as their god. In 4 BBY, The Sith Emperor heared rumors of the Dying Sun's final resting place and dispatched his most trusted Sith Lord Darth Raxus to Nyriaan to find Glovoc's Sith Holocron for the upcoming war but instead of finding the Sith Lord's Holocron he found the Sith Lord in Suspended animation inside an Oubliette. Determined to awaken the Sith Lord and recruit him to the New Sith Empire he started to kill the Sith Lord's worshipers in order to do so then a sudden surge of force lightning hit Darth Raxus he indeed awoke the angry Sith Lord who looked like he was going to land the finishing blow but instead he offered his teachings to Darth Raxus who accepted after his training he asked the elder Sith Lord to join the New Sith Empire an invitation which he accepted.

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