Sith lady2
Empress Xaya was the first Empress of the New Resurgent Sith Empire she was a Dark Lady of the Sith and extremely powerful in the dark side of the force. She was a great ruler that inspired fear in the her enemies with not just her own power but that of her fanatically loyal Sith Warriors especially though her most trusted Sith Warrior Darth Raxus.

Xaya's Origins were as dark as they came she was a direct descendant of the first Resurgent's Sith Empire's Sith Emperor meaning she comes from a long line of Dark Lord's.

Xaya's early life was spent studying the history of the first Resurgent Sith Empire and it's millitary tactics and also studying the power of dark side of the force through Sith Holocrons while tutoring herself under the spirit of her most powerful descendant the Sith Emperor of old. Once she completed her training she announced she was going to reconstitute the Sith Empire. After that she declared herself Empress and Dark lady of the Sith and then she destroyed the Sith Emperor's spirit to achieve her rightful title.

Shortly after obtaining the rank of sith master she started training more and more sith until there ranks were great enough to then begin the rebuilding Sith Empire's Army and Navy until it was powerful enough to take over the galaxy and with the power of the New Sith Empire she did just that. But the Jedi Knight Kyle Lavakeeper wielding his fireborn blessed lightsaber stepped fourth to apose empress xaya on her dreadnought after Kyle fhought his way through xaya's dreadnought He made it up to the bridge confronting xaya once and for all they continued fighting until Kyle said " you've burned many worlds, you've killed many people, and most importantly you tried to kill me. I have used bullets, blades, and explosives. but none seem to work, this here is my last resort " holding the bless dagger in his right arm stabs xaya she then says " my empire is forever " and then dies kyle then sacrifices himself and sends her dreadnought into the nearby star destroying it and killing him on impact...

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