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Royal House of Naboo
Political information
Type of government

Constitution of Naboo

Head of State

Monarch of Naboo

Head of Government


Commander-in-Chief minister of war
Legislative branch

Naboo Royal Advisory Council

Judicial branch

Naboo Royal Advisory Council

Societal information


Official language

Galactic Credit Standard

State religious body

(Naboo religion[1]official)[2](Order of the Sith Lords and Dark Side Adepts both unofficial)

Historical information
Formed from

Grizmalltian Royalty

Date of establishment

c. 3,900 BBY


[Hide][Source]The Humans of the planet Naboo, also known simply as the Naboo, were ruled by the Royal House of Naboo. This was an elective constitutional monarchy, although these rulers were elected from princely families. The king or queen was advised by a governor, who was head of the Royal Advisory Council. The people of Naboo also elected Senators to represent their sector to the rest of the Galactic Republic.

"Royal Naboo" was used as a prefix in the names of many Naboo government institutions, such as the Royal Naboo Security Forces.

After the reign of King Veruna, many changes were made to the government of Naboo. First, the kings and queens of Naboo were limited to two four-year terms as monarch. This measure proved unpopular, possibly because of the popularity of two-term queen Amidala, and was dropped by Queen Kylantha's reign. Governors and Senators had no term limits. Naboo has had multiple teenage rulers, the most notable of which was the fourteen-year-old Amidala. The rule of the Royal Naboo government was briefly interrupted by the invasion of the Trade Federation in 32 BBY, until the invasion ended at the Invasion of Naboo later that year. This also led to closer ties between the Naboo and the Gungans who shared their world, resulting in a group of Gungan representatives and bureaucrats being sent to the Galactic Senate. After the declaration of the Galactic Empire, a Moff was also appointed to rule over Naboo and the rest of the Chommell sector.


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