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The Naboo Imperium, also now as The Naboo Empire, The Royal Crusaders and lesser known the Royal Empire was the government and holdings of the Naboo people. The goverment was established by King Vornac in 16 BBY.

'Rulers of the Empire':

  • King Vornac



"People of Naboo i stand here before you to say that we are survivors we survived the occupation by the Trade Federation and we drove them off are planet and we survived the attack on are home by The Empire so it has come to my attention that we just stand by and become victims of one occupation or another so the only way that we can keep surviving is by taking the offencive by building are own army and navy to insure the safety of are borders and the chommell sector and other systems the Galantic Empire gives us personally the main planets i am intrested in are Neimoidia and its purse worlds to make the Neimoidians feel how we felt and other worlds that can insure the safety of are planet and are way of life. Today is great day today is the day that we give blossom to an new era in Naboo history the era of The Naboo Imperium.

- King Vornac