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Yerdua Poison-Spitter





Height of average adult

1 meter

Skin color


[Hide][Source]The Yerdua Poison-Spitter blurred the distinction between animal, plant, and fungus. Its trunk was green and the flowering body was usually red and white. The "flower" consisted of four thick "petals" with a poison-shooting organ in the center. Although its roots were firmly planted, the Yerdua could maneuver its vine like trunk and flower with speeds usually associated with animals. It was considered semi-sentient. It could identify threats in its environment, aim, and release poison globules within seconds. If a predator got too close, the pedals would contract together, protecting the sensitive central organs. The Felucian natives were were able to train the plants to guard their villages and trade routes from the native predators, and other enemies. In return, the Felucians fed the Yerdua meat, and kept the plants free of parasites. It is likely that the Yerdua's Poison was used by the Felucians for various purposes as well.